Health & Fitness Tips

Lifestyle Tips for improving your health and fitness.

My top tips for health and fitness. Be warned, these are simple pieces of advice that are easily adaptable to your lifestyle and in no particular order.

  1. Be organised. Ok, so you’ve decided to change your eating and exercise habits, now, plan every meal for the week for you and your family, including snacks and fluid intake. Post your menu plan where everyone can see it and have healthy snacks ready to go in appropriate portions.
  2. Create a shopping list. From your menu plan make a shopping list of everything you need for the week. Alot of meals can be prepared in bulk, stored in individual portions and frozen for later use. Remember to label containers with contents, serving size and date prepared. Buy fresh ingredients as close to the meal preparation as you can.
  3. Always eat breakfast. Sounds pretty basic doesn’t it? You would be surprised how many people I know that skip brekky to save time in the morning. All the good intentions of eating when you get back home or to work mostly go out the window and it’s late morning before you are forced to stop and eat. Back to Tip 1 – be organised, if you are short on time grab a couple of boiled eggs and a piece of fruit to eat in the car. It’s not perfect but is so much better than nothing!
  4. Rest. If you are starting a new program remember to factor in essential rest days. Speak to your trainer about how much recovery time is necessary between strength training sessions. By the way, rest doesn’t mean laying on the lounge with cheese and wine, it could be taking the cheese and wine on a picnic with friends and a swim or long walk at the beach.
  5. Eat whole foods, organic where possible. Choose foods that are in their natural state or have limited modifications (eg. small handful of nuts and an apple instead of a ” health bar” (cause they are really not that healthy! Check the sugar and fat content on the wrapper) or an orange instead of commercial orange juice. Where possible buy organic produce to ensure chemical free foods are entering your body.
  6. Tell your friends. You’ve just joined the gym, hired a personal trainer or registered for the local Park¬†Run. Tell everyone about it. Verbalising your goal will give extra motivation to commit and achieve it.
  7. Keep a diary. A food and exercise diary that is. Diligent recording of your eating and exercise habits promotes accountability. It’s hard to wonder why you’re not losing the fat when there’s hard evidence in front of you showing exactly what is going in and what energy is being expended. It is also a good idea to record how you are feeling (lethargic, stiff, energetic) on each day as an indication of what works and what doesn’t. Remember, we are all different.
  8. Have fun. It’s only the most dedicated person that turns up to sessions that are repetitive and dull just because it “is good for them”. The social aspect of group training is a wonderful motivator to stay committed. Try Boot Camps, small group training, PunchFit, dance classes (eg. Zumba) and find what fits you. Also, don’t be afraid of “dropping” your personal trainer if your personalities don’t match and this is preventing you from getting results.
  9. Include the family. Any incidental exercise is still a huge benefit. Head to the nearest beach or park with a picnic in hand. A long beach walk or moderate bike ride before lunch is easy to fit in. How about beach cricket, totem tennis (always guaranteed for a laugh), beach volleyball, touch footy¬†… ideas are endless, and the kids will have memories for a lifetime.
  10. Consult the experts. Your body is very complex and there are professionals for every area to give the very best advice. Personal Trainers are generally not physiotherapists, GP’s, nutritionists, podiatrists (and the list goes on) and so should be recommending professionial advice in areas outside their qualifications. Don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion, and remember if exercise causes you pain, consult a professional before continuing your program.
  11. Lift weights. The more lean muscle you have the faster your metabolism is.There are many, many reasons to strength train and improve your long term health – click here to learn more!
  12. Book it in. If you can book in time for haircuts and dentist appointments, why not book out your exercise time? Work out the best times to train and book your sessions into the diary for a month in advance (at least). It won’t take long for your training sessions to become a habit. If you work shift work then any good personal trainer will work in with your schedule with enough notice and planning.


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